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Sep 30, 2003
So It Ends, A Night Spent So Soon

O' bitter heavenly host,
I am drug down,
And torn apart...
O' angelic fiend,
I am bled dry,
And lay adrift,
In an ocean of red,
Where a tide rolls back,
And awakens a pain,
Dormant deep within,
For which there is no aid,
O' lord, save me from this fate,
This doom upon my brow...
Furious angels,
Bring me back to him,
Bring him back to me.

Ugh, its crazy what trance and sleep deprevation will do to you.


Posted at 07:34 pm by Thaumaturgist
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Sep 21, 2003
A Weekend With A Sara

Mmmm... I could get used to this.
Friday, as previously stated in "her" blog, we dined out at the ever popular food court, and happened to see Underworld. I liked it... it had a big black werewolf, who sounded like a demon... thats just badass.
So then, last night, that being Saturday... we went to eat at Outback.

I'll recap that evenin', cause its a lot more interesting plot wise than the evening before.

Ok, so we've been seated after a five day wait, sitting in the 'nose bleed section' of the outdoors section, but at any rate we're seated in a relatively well placed booth, and then... terror grips Jake's little heart, when Sara announces to the waitress "It's his birthday". I like basically pleaded with the waitress to disregard what she'd said, and she did... thank god, but Sara thought I was upset with her. Me, upset with SARA? Let's be realistic here... that just doesn't happen, I can't stay mad at the girl for more than a minute, she makes a funny face or starts to pout in that awkward way she does and I just feel so miserable for being mad at her. Anyway, fortunately we were able to gloss over that minor altercation. Jon Kish stopped by, as well as his little brother... god I love that kid, hes such a great guy. One of those people I can see myself staying in contact with well beyond my years in highschool. So back to the story...I had a steak, and Sara had a "bloomin onion" and a cheeseburger... I got mushrooms too... mmm it was so delicious. So then, we were trying to decide what to do, and then COFFEE! Sara tried espresso... she was scraping her tongue with her fingernails and gagging, I couldn't help but laugh, good naturedly of course... she didn't seem to like it much, but no one without an acquired taste for it hates Espresso. It was nice though, kept me awake... So Sara and I then had a really nice chat while we sat outside by the car... I couldn't think of a better way to spend my 19th birthday come to think of it... I was so, happy.

Does the fun end here? NO!

Sara drove off, and Nick pulled up and off to Nick's house I went.
We had a  HALO party... : ) I was so happy. Anna came over and she got me one of those arm sling shots... I shot people with rolls of toilet paper. OMG... Clifton almost killed Brandon when he was chasing him, I didn't know Brandon could make those sorts of noises... lol, it was great fun. Anyway, we had... ~thinks~ like 8 people over and were getting our lan on. Clifton, Brandon, John, Nick (of course), Myself, Anna, and two new guys, Jeff and I forget the other one's name... what was great though was this...

Anna meets Jeff in steak and shake...

"Anna you wanna do something?" "Sorry I can't, I'm going to play video games with Jake" to which Jeff replies... "Oh well I'm going to a lan over at this kid Nick's house"

Clifton "Anna wanna do something" "Nope, going to play video games with Jake"
Then Clifton says "Oh well thats fine I'm going to a lan over at Nicks"

Little did everyone know, when Jake plays video games he plays them at lans over at NICKS! So like.... coincidentally, everyone ends up together, and its all good. Isn't that just humorous?

So I'm 19, and I feel no different... ah well, I'm happy...

Tootles Gangsters,
Jake The Old Man

Posted at 08:01 am by Thaumaturgist
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Sep 15, 2003
I am victory

I won at the FCTE... I am victory. I am conqueror. I win.

Posted at 02:14 pm by Thaumaturgist
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Sep 14, 2003
Promising Ventures II

Ok... that wasn't too bad, but its better when it hasn't been reheated. Alas, only so many options. At any rate, I had the chance to catch up with Jon and Chris. Jon at one point was a very good friend, and Chris and I used to be involved in the same circles, so its interesting to see them now. They both seem to be doing well for themselves, which is good. I think we are going to get together this next Saturday over at Jons. I'm not sure if the girls are going to be coming to this one, but we shall see. At any rate, in regards to Carla's last night, I had an excellent time. It was a welcome change from my previous weekends spent at Nicks playing video games with a horde of guys. It was also nice to just be able to 'chill'. At this point I would like to note that Sara is extremely comfortable... and makes an exceptional pillow. ~Grins~ Gotcha Sara.


Posted at 10:06 am by Thaumaturgist
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Promising Ventures

So... the night before last I spoke with Anna, it seems I now have acquired a partner in crime. Interesting.

I went to the MIFF yesterday. That is the "Melbourne Independant Film Festival", for those of you unaware. I really enjoyed myself. I particularly liked a very brief Iranian film, which was itself an animation... I'd describe it, but it wouldn't do it much justice. Needless to say, I had a good bit of fun. Then, later on, after I returned from the MIFF, I visited Sara at the library... and then we were off to Carla's. I think I spent maybe 1 hour at home the entire day... yeah, wow. I managed to like spend 20 dollars too... so much for conserving diminishing funds. Speaking of which... I have leftover Chinese... I'm hungry, bbl to finish this...

Posted at 09:52 am by Thaumaturgist
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Sep 10, 2003
A Method Of Work.

Sara = smiles.

Nick is picking me up for work, he's applying at Dominos, hopefully I'll be able to get him the job, if he doesn't manage himself... hes a nice guy, probably the only friend from that group I've managed to keep. I don't know whether thats a compliment on his character, or a testament to my will... I'll figure it out sooner or later. This weekend seems to be fairly well mapped out... although I must confess to a certain happiness I feel a prolonged dread, one which seems to be just out of sight, though also just around the corner. Perhaps I will come to some conclusion on how best to approach my 'fate', of which I seem as of late, immensely fascinated with.

Oh well, of to work.

Adios gang,

Posted at 01:48 pm by Thaumaturgist
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The Morning After

The sun isn't up, then why am I? Detention, to be served in the morning... the second of two, how terribly delightful. I forgot to put my clothes in the dryer last night, so here I am... scrounging for things to wear. What an interesting contrast this entry is to my last few. I'm tired... there are black circles under my eyes, and I have to go to work today. I doubt that I'll last that long... maybe they'll let me out early. Then again, maybe I'll die in third period... in a disgusting room, where no one quite knows when to shut the fuck up.

Adios cowboys and cowgirls,

Posted at 01:41 pm by Thaumaturgist
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Sep 9, 2003

And so it truly begins.


Speak to me about this at some point someone... what that opening line actually intended to say.


You know who you are, someone.


This day was uneventful. It began and ended as many others have. Uneventful days however may hold for each of us a certain luster, unseen or unspoken of though.

The Verge... I attended their meeting, and heard what was to be said. I've nailed down for certain at least two pieces, one either primary or secondary, and another lesser important piece, which I will collaborate with another on. What will be important is that I allow myself the opportunity to be 'discovered' anew. My rough draft will be an obvious miscalculation bearing all the marks of my plausible greatness, may the cutting and trimming do what it will, I seek in this piece only to impress. Eh? I don't mean for this to be fully understood, after all this is but a therapeutic confessional... mmm? Perhaps if not to god, I will confess my sins to an audience. But, I will shed no light on the meaning of my words. Trivial.

What is important however is that it has begun, and I a busy busy lad will have to find the time to take into consideration my aspirations for this world.

Posted at 08:39 pm by Thaumaturgist
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Orianis' Dream...

This is an excerpt of a script I am working on, for a play I intend to title Orianis' Dream. The name has a certain, unfamiliar, though definite meaning for me... it doesn't make a damn bit of sense even if it is taken as it is intended, sort of a personal affect... maybe if you bother me, I'll explain it to you.

It was April, I think. It all seems so unintelligible now. It began with the death of my father. His untimely passing had stirred something in my blood, and all bemused I awoke to find myself adrift; a product of my then unseemly environment. My mother, lost, found solace at the bottom of a bottle. I loved her, make no mistake of that, but it was not enough, to have only me… Curious, that neither my mother nor my father had a thing to do with this; save perhaps that they each, in their own cleverly deceptive way, quite inadvertently, motivated me to seek out something else, someone else… Arthur. Arthur, I found, was perfect in my memory of him, and no impressionable imperfection stood out in my mind. Perhaps it was that he alone remained a withstanding figure, from a time when I knew hope, and innocence too. Arthur…Arthur, his name echoed in the vaults of my mind, reverberating like a heart beat, or the thud of a drum. I felt cold, and alone; and though I would not admit it, not even to myself, I found myself inventing excuses to track him down, and to go and visit him, despite how long it had been since last we spoke.


Arthur and I had dated at the ripe and impressionable age of fourteen, and despite what you or someone else might think, the realization of love, at even such an early age, is not impossible, only improbable. It is not important that you agree with my interpretation of what is and is not possible, or even probable, only that you realize..that in my, and his mind it was.



Arthur moved out of state as a result of his father being transferred, and I, powerless as I was, only promised that I would write.


But, as those things have a way of disintegrating , it is not surprising then that our correspondence, in time, faded into nothing, and we as a result drifted apart, each with an understanding that what we attempted to cultivate was impractical, and that it would ultimately fail.


How mature and wise we were; we abandoned our love, and it abandoned us. I did not however abandon my memories of him. In my mind he was as real as the depression which gripped me ever so fiercely.

This is as far as I've managed to come... I intend to begin work on the rest of the script very soon.

Posted at 08:24 pm by Thaumaturgist
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